Meet the San Diego Splash, an inspiring team of 80-year-old female basketball players

Age is just a number, and we love people who prove you can do anything later in life. Like the 80-year-old bride who got married for the first time last year. Or the 80-year-old model who just made his runway debut. And who can forget the 82-year-old club DJ? Now, there’s a new group of senior women to add to the list: the San Diego Splash.

These ladies show that you can be an athlete at any age. The San Diego Splash is a female basketball team whose members are all in their 80s and 90s. In fact, that’s the main requirement to join: You must be at least 80 years old to play. And play they do.

The Splash plays three-on-three in 30-minute half-court games. It’s definitely all in the name of fun, but there is some friendly competition: They’ve won two titles at the Senior Games. Which is pretty impressive considering there are two women on the team who are 91! Age is definitely just a number for these women.

Look at these ladies go!

Aside from the age requirement, if you want to participate, the San Diego Splash has only two rules.

"If you can stand up and move your legs, you're welcome," said senior basketball player Marge Carl, 87.

The women of the San Diego Splash know the secret of youth. A lot of these women didn’t have the opportunity to play sports as kids. When they were younger, many girls simply didn’t play sports. So now, these ladies want to make up for it. They are also trying to stay active to live healthier and longer lives.

"A lot of my childhood friends thought I was crazy at 66 to be playing basketball. They said, 'You'll break an arm, you'll break a leg,'" Carl explained of the basketball team. "You know, I'm the only one surviving of my childhood friends. They're all gone, every one of them."

The video of this amazing team already has over 6 million views! And for good reason. It’s amazing that these women are able to stay as active as they are. We also love the friendships and the bonds these ladies have formed through the team. Go Splash!

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