Meet the adorable baby elephant who is learning how to walk again with the help of hydrotherapy

All baby animals have one thing in common — they’re adorable. But, there’s something even more heart-melting about a baby animal who is beating the odds. A sweet baby elephant named Clear Sky got a second chance after injuring herself in a snare trap set in Thailand, thanks to a kind animal hospital.

Clear Sky, only a three-month-old at the time of the incident, has been under their care for the past three months, and is making so much progress.

Those who are caring for her are helping her walk again with the help of hydrotherapy. After receiving surgery, veterinary technicians started to hope that after spending some time in a pool, the young elephant may regain some strength in her left foot, part of it which was lost due to the trap.


Clear Sky, who is currently getting help in Chonburi Province, is the first animal to go through their hydrotherapy program.

While a few of the pictures make her look terrified of the water, others show her truly having a blast. Like, this one.


Her handlers admitted that she was a bit hesitant to get into the pool at first, but as her sessions have continued, she’s starting to embrace it more and more.


Clear Sky’s efforts are about an hour long. And as you can tell, she has a lot of help.

While the pictures are simply darling, seeing her in action is much better. Lucky for us, some of her handlers were recently interviewed about the treatment.

Here’s some footage of Clear Sky’s recovery:

The good news? Elephants typically do love water out in the wild. And, if this treatment does work, she might avoid needing an artificial leg for when she gets bigger. In total, the treatment might take up to two months.


Seeing Clear Sky’s progress so far, we have a feeling that the time is just going to fly by!