Meet the teen who just set the world Rubik’s Cube record

In the time it took you to turn off your alarm this morning, Collin Burns had solved an entire 3x3x3 Rubik’s cube. You read that correctly. This Pennsylvania teen solved the notoriously impossible puzzle in just 5.25 seconds, beating the previous record of 5.55. On Saturday, Central Bucks West High School in Doylestown held a Rubik’s Cube competition. This was an official event, held by the World Cube Association. This is kind of competition is the real deal. According to the WCA website, a competition like this has countless rules, among them things such as no electronics or audio equipment and puzzles must be clean and unaltered and approved before use.

The video above shows you how it all went down — that is, quickly. Collin scrambles the cube, the timer begins, and almost as soon as he starts, it’s over. He drops the cube as everyone immediately realizes that he’s broken the world record and the room erupts into cheers. A WCA representative confirmed that Collin broke the record, saying:

For Collin, this isn’t a fluke. The teen has his own YouTube channel where, for the past three years, he’s been uploading reviews, tutorials and competition videos as he’s slowly risen to Rubik’s cube fame. Now, he’s broken the record, and the video of this feat has tens of thousands of views. Let’s hope that whatever Collin has planned next, it gives his hands a bit of a break! (Image via here.)

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