Meet Taylor Swift’s teenage doppelganger

Life as a teenager can be hell, but we bet it’s a bit more bearable if you happen to look exactly like the world’s most popular pop singer, Taylor Swift. Meet Olivia Sturgess, 19, from New South Wales, Australia.

The Australian teen and Target checkout counter worker is naturally a huge fan of Swift’s, and admits that she did change one feature to capitalize on the chance resemblance. “I got my hair cut consciously like hers but everything else is just sort of coincidental,” the doppleganger told The Daily Mail Australia. She also sports a similar shade of fire engine red lipstick on occasion, including recently to a Taylor Swift concert in Melbourne where she at last got to meet her celebrity double. Olivia and her galpal Kristy were hand-picked out of the adoring audience to meet with the megastar, but it turns out Swift had already picked up on her younger, southern hemisphere twin. The singer, who keeps up an active presence on social media, had seen Olivia’s photos and noticed the surprising resemblance, but actually connected with her on another level.

Earlier this year, Olivia took her grief to Tumblr after her mother was diagnosed with uterine cancer; she ultimately passed away this October. This resonated with Taylor, whose own mother was diagnosed with cancer the same week.

Still, the meeting between the two lookalikes was a happy affair, as they posed for pictures and noted one major difference: Olivia is actually taller than the statuesque Swift. “Oh my god you’re so tall. Usually I’d be wearing heels but I’ve got a bad ankle,” Olivia recalls her saying.

Though life as a doppleganger may not be quite as sweet as the life of one of the world’s biggest music superheroes, Olivia still has her fans. Others who see the resemblance often ask her for photos, and while Olivia has a strict policy of telling her fans that she’s not Swift, she makes exemptions for star-struck little ones. In the Mail, she admitted she keeps the secret from, “The little, little girls who think I’m Taylor, I look at their mums and their mums know. So I’m like I’ll let their mums tell them, I don’t have the heart to tell them.”

We think your new bestie Taylor would understand, Olivia.

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