Meet Rumor, the adorable dog who just won the Westminster Dog Show

Cute dogs get us every time (EVERY. TIME), and dogs who are also performers in dog shows…they are just out of this world!

We recently heard that the Westminster Dog Show awarded ‘Best in Show’ to Rumor, who is a sweet-faced German Shepherd.

She’s 5 years old, and this win is especially exciting for her because — apart from dog shows of this calibre being notoriously difficult — it’s historic: She’s only the second German Shepherd to win this award since the event began in 1877! And she beat out over 2,800 other dogs to do so. Rumor might not know that, but WE know it, and we’re so freaking proud of this lady (who’s named after Adele’s “Rumor Has It”…FYI).

Rumor’s handler Kent Boyles told NBC News that her win is “unbelievable,” and that this marks the end of Rumor’s major competition career. He expressed that she might settle down to have babies now. Awww!

She definitely deserves some peace and quiet for motherhood, since she’s been competing in shows and winning titles for much of her life (except for a stint as a house pet in Wisconsin). This is actually her 104th career win…so yeah, time for some seriously needed R&R.

via giphyHope Rumor doesn’t mind the fact that she’s become a celebrity (even bigger than she was before this competition), because now that she’s achieved ultimate glory…her life might never be the same. There are perks to being a celeb, though. You get a lotta love.

Clearly, Rumor has it. The X factor. Huge congrats, girl!