Meet Richard Ayoade, your newest celeb crush

Ladies, get ready to meet your next celebrity crush. He’s smart, funny, stylish and —best of all— has a fantastic accent. We’re talking about none other than Richard Ayoade. Fans of bizarre British comedy have known this particular actor/director/TV host for years, but it’s about time that he got the universe’s attention. Why? Well, here are four reasons to fall in love with Richard Ayoade immediately!

He is hilarious

Whether he’s playing an anti-social nerd opposite Chris O’Dowd in cult TV show The IT Crowd, turning up the absurdity alongside Matt Berry in shows like The Mighty Boosh, or bantering with Noel Fielding on panel shows, Ayoade is always hysterically funny. His wide range of bizarre characters and perfect comedic timing make him a versatile and flexible comedian, while his quick wit can turn any phrase into a laugh line.

He is an incredible filmmaker

Already a beloved staple of the small screen, Ayoade has turned to film in recent years. His directorial debut, Submarine, is an awkward, funny and touching coming of age story, while 2013’s The Double is an adaptation of a short story by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Ayoade’s films feature deliberate movements and clipped speech reminiscent of Wes Anderson, but take place in a world far grittier and darker than Anderson’s. He weaves humor, tender moments, and aching pain of various magnitudes to tell complex and well-rounded stories.

He is seriously smart

A big part of Ayoade’s public persona is being brainy, but one of his more recent projects has brought his lovable nerdiness to the front. In 2013, he took over hosting Gadget Man from Stephen Fry. In some ways, the show is to technology what Top Gear is to cars, making a niche interest accessible and enjoyable. Ayoade’s spot-on dry humor and willingness to give crazy inventions a shot makes tech fun and exciting, even for those who aren’t usually keen on gadgets and gizmos.

He has impeccable style

When we say we love nerds, Richard Ayoade is what we have in mind. He’s smart, he’s talented, he’s funny, and he has a signature look that stands out. The man can rock one hell of a suit, and he’s always playing with color and texture in a subtle but standout way. Whether he’s opting for a bright red tie or a corduroy jacket or a patterned scarf-striped shirt-jacket combo, his style is chic and dreamy. To top it off, his black framed glasses are timeless, cool, and just the right kind of nerdy. We’re in love.

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