Meet HelloGiggles’ New Vlog-Star, Sonya!

We found this girl, well young woman, SONYA (she won’t tell us her last name) online in a Katy Perry chatroom and became obsessed with her. She’s smart, beautiful, talented, funny & FRESH! She is a CRAFTING PHENOMENON. We really couldn’t wait to share her genius with all of you at HelloGiggles.

In the next few weeks, Sonya will be doing up-cycling, crafting, DIY, makeovers, hauls & a special, made-for-HelloGiggles zine.

You can follow her on Twitter, Tumblr & Instagram or email her at [email protected] to send in requests.

Hope you guys love her as much as we do.

Here’s a word from our new BFF and her very first VLOG, exclusively made for us here at HelloGiggles.


Tatti & Katie

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