Meet Instagram’s two newest and cutest bunny stars, Wally and Ellie

Like bunnies? Well, then you’ll love this Instagram. An adorable account is making the rounds that features two cute bunnies named Wally and Ellie. People discovered it yesterday, and made sure to spread the love. (Because really, we all need some bunnies in our lives right now.)

The account is called “welliebuns,” and every upload is either a photo or video of these two fluffballs. Wally and Ellie are described as being “cage free besties,” and reside in California. Their job? Well, they eat, sleep, and look mega-cute at all times. It’s a tough life, but they’re doing the best they can to get by.

Here are just a few of our favorite photos.

This photo seriously looks like it came off of a greeting card.

Uh, a video of two bunnies eating together? Yes please.

These two are so close, that they even nap together.

Here they are, chilling out in their custom home.

Ellie, looking as innocent as ever. As the caption explained, this picture was taken after she felt a bit ill — luckily she bounced back, pun unintended.

We can’t get over adorable bunny shenanigans like this. This bunny illustrates how we’re all probably going to feel after Thanksgiving dinner, by the way.

And finally, that’s one giant leaf for our buddy Wally. We’re sure he was probably able to finish it without a problem.

We’re convinced. Welliebuns is the account we need to start following.

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