Meet the Hands-Down Biggest Harry Potter Collector Ever

Everyone thinks they’re the biggest Harry Potter everBut we may have actually found a winner.

37-year-old Mexico City fan Menahem Asher Silva Vargas is such a ride-or-die fan of all things Potter that he just broke a world record.

His collection of Potter-inspired memorabilia just earned a Guinness World Record for being the largest on the planet.

Silva Vargas, an attorney, has spent 15 years on his collection, which includes everything from action figures to Griffindor scarves to magic wands to replica Quidditch brooms to souvenir socks. And his dedication paid off: The old record for the largest Harry Potter collection was 807 items. Silva Vargas? Yeah, he has 3,097 pieces. They fill up two whole rooms in his house. That’s a true fan.

He even did an interview about his collection while wearing Harry Potter specs and waving around a wand. (Watch it here. He’s amazing.)

He never intended to amass such a collection, but his interest in the Hogwarts crew snowballed. “My salary, my bonuses. . .it all ended up here,” Vargas told The GuardianWhat will he do with all those precious items? “I imagine creating an interactive site where I can one day share my treasures,” he said. “and invite J.K. Rowling, all the actors who have life to this magical history, and fans from around the world. That’s my dream!”

We’re in. Let’s make this happen!

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