Meet France’s first weather woman with Down Syndrome

Thanks to a successful social media campaign, a woman with Down Syndrome will now appear on two French weather programs.

Mélanie Ségard, 21, will be France’s first weather woman with Down Syndrome.

She launched the Facebook page Mélanie peut le faire (“Melanie can do it”) to prove that she was more than capable of being a TV weather person.

Ségard challenged French news outlets to let her present the weather if she earned 100,000 likes on Facebook. (She now has more than 204,000.)

“I’m different, but I want to show everyone that I can do a lot of things," Ségard wrote. 

French stations listened: Ségard will go live on France 2 and BFMTV on March 27th to do the weather.


The National Union of Charities for Parents with Disabled Children (UNAPEI), who helped Ségard launch the campaign, is rallying behind the Frenchwoman as she gears up for her TV debut.

"People with disabilities are invisible these days," UNAPEI said in a statement: “The 100,000 likes are a sign of strong support — we are taken aback at how quickly the page became a success.

Way to go, Mélanie!