This article in response to women who were aganist the Women’s March is going viral for the best reason

Millions of women turned out for the women’s march, but some ladies didn’t think it was for them. This Medium article in response to the women who were against the Women’s March is going viral, because it’s totally fierce.

On Saturday, millions of women all over America — and the world — marched in solidarity for women’s rights of all kinds. The Women’s March, which had groups in Washington D.C., New York, London and more places, was definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Some women however, weren’t a fan of the march and to them, one Medium writer has a witty, well thought out and strong response. According to the Medium article, a woman named Christy on Facebook “doesn’t need the Women’s March” and writer, Susan Speer has something to say about that.

The summary of Christy’s original post on Facebook is that she doesn’t need the march and doesn’t understand why women need it either. She believes that this is America and therefore if you don’t have everything you need it’s your fault, and a march won’t fix it.

Speer however, doesn’t agree. Her strongly-worded article is going viral because her explanation to all the ladies out there who “don’t need the march,” is SO powerful.

"Hi Christy. We don’t know each other, but your #notmymarch post is getting shared a lot today. It showed up in my feed, thanks to a few of my friends who like what you’re saying," Speer began her article.

“In some respects, our worlds probably aren’t too far apart,” she continued. “I’m going to make assumptions  — and I could be wrong  —  but I’m a college-educated, professional mom. I live in a safe neighborhood with nice houses, surrounded by big, shady trees.”


“My days are filled with the stuff of suburbia: My kids get a warm breakfast before school, and I go to work or the gym. I get my groceries delivered to my door,” she wrote.

“I’m a single mom and my life gets messy sometimes, but I’m grateful for everything my kids and I have and I fully understand that there are women in this country who don’t have a sliver of what I have and no matter what they do, they never will. And it isn’t because they aren’t trying hard enough.”

Speer then asks Christy a question, and many more followed.

“Besides the cashier at Target  —  the one who watches you swipe your bank card and walk out with your $195 worth of whatever you buy at Target  —  besides that woman, or the woman who stretches out of the drive-thru window to give you your grande skinny latte that you paid for with the app on your phone…. (and here’s the question): When was the last time you had a meaningful conversation with a woman whose life isn’t pretty much like yours?’

Throughout the article, Speer points out the flaws in pretty much all of the woman’s arguments, but does it with her own personal experiences and proof.

She asks question after question and with every answer to these questions, Speer reveals why the Women’s March was SUCH a big step and definitely needed. Speer even went as far as to explain why she marched, and the reason alone is worth reading her whole article.

"I didn’t march because I personally feel marginalized. I marched because I can. I marched because a lot of women can’t, even if you don’t see them," Speer wrote. "I marched for women of privilege, women who don’t have shit, women who are raising awesome children with their same-sex partner who has to legally adopt the child that is biologically hers, and might find herself spontaneously unmarried in the eyes of the Supreme Court."


“I marched for women who need reproductive healthcare of any kind. I marched for the 17-year old pregnant girl who dropped out of school to sort my clothes at the dry cleaners for $7.25/hour. She has to quit when the baby comes because she doesn’t get any time off, paid or otherwise,” she continued.

“Her next job will be minimum wage, too, because she hasn’t gotten her GED yet and doesn’t know if she can get in the night school program because she’ll need someone to stay with her newborn,” she added. “I marched for the woman who was raped in college and still hasn’t even told her best friend, after all these years.”

Most importantly, Speer revealed she walked for Christy.

“I even marched for you, Christy. Even if you don’t feel like you need anyone to march for you.”

Wow, you go girl!