Here’s what happens when meditation replaces detention in schools

At one Baltimore elementary school, meditation rooms have replaced detention halls.

Robert W. Coleman Elementary School launched a meditation program for kids who get into trouble. Instead of punishing kids, teachers send them to the mindful moment room to reflect, breathe, and relax. They then meet with a counselor to talk about what happened and how they can better manage their emotions.

The school says meditating provides a healthy outlet for students who are in desperate need of one. Andres. A Gonzalez, with Holistic Life Foundation, told A Plus.

"Meditation allows students to take a moment and respond instead of impulsively reacting... It gives them a place to go inward and not be overwhelmed by external stimuli.

The results have been stunning: According to Newsweek, the school reported zero suspensions in the last year, down from four in the 2013-2014 school year.

Meditation is sweeping the nation.

The Baltimore School is leading a new movement to bring holistic practices to classrooms. New York City’s 2014 Move to Improve initiative made yoga and stretching part of the school day to help with stress. On the west coast, California’s Mindful Schools has trained educators in 48 states and 43 countries, Newsweek reports.

Carlillian Thompson, principal of Robert W. Coleman Elementary, told the Holistic Life Foundation:

“I started seeing a difference in their behaviors... Instead of the students fighting or lashing out, they started to use words to solve their problems.

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