This school replaced detention with meditation and the results are fascinating

We all know a thing or two about detention. Whether you’ve experienced it directly or indirectly, you understand that detention isn’t usually something that’s sought after.


In fact, a lot of us used detention as motivation to follow the rules in class. Well, for the students at Baltimore’s Robert W. Coleman Elementary School, getting kicked out of class is no longer something to dread.

As reported by Uproxx, the Mindful Moment Room was introduced as a space for students to calm themselves and recenter before heading back to class.  Students who visit the Mindful Moment Room — which was created through a partnership with the Holistic Life Foundation — are taught breathing exercises and meditation to reduce anxiety, headaches, stomach problems, and stress. Meditation is also used as a form of intervention when disciplinary action is typically needed – and since its induction, Robert W. Coleman Elementary hasn’t issued a single suspension.

Take a look at this young student practicing yoga in class!

And these kids meditating in the Mindful Moment Room!

These students know the key to staying youthful — it’s all in the spine!

The students have totally latched onto this holistic approach and shared their own testimonies of how much they’ve benefited from the practices taught in the Mindful Moment Room. One 5th grader used breathing exercises to help him relax before a big test.

"I took deep breaths to stay calm and just finish the test. When everybody around you Is making a lot of noises just trying to tune them out…and be yourself, do your breathing.

The students also carry the techniques home with them. When dealing with a conflict with their parent, the breathing techniques came in handy for this student!

“This morning I got mad at my Dad, but then I remembered to breathe and then I didn’t shout.

The benefits of using mindful meditation are clear for adults, so it only makes sense that the practice is able to have an amazing effect on younger generations as well.

More of this, please!

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