11 medals every woman with long hair seriously deserves

Long hair is a beautiful burden – on the one hand it’s absolutely stunning, but on the other it can be the biggest pain in your ass (sometimes, literally), right? And if you’re a woman with long hair you know the struggle is real and, frankly, you deserve every one of these medals.

1. Like the “avoided getting my hair in my food today” medal.


For those days you make it through every meal without accidentally dipping your luscious locks in any sauce.

2. The “cleaned out ALL the hair from my hairbrush” medal.


When you finally muster up the time and energy to GET THROUGH this task.

3. The “took a selfie without getting all my hair in my face” medal.


When you want to celebrate the rare occasion of posting a gorgeous flyaway-free photo on Insta.

4. The “dried my hair in record time without spraining my neck” medal.


When you’ve spent so much time drying your hair you know you can skip “arm day” too.

5. The “didn’t break any hair elastics today” medal.


On those rare occasions when your fingers escape snap-mark free after putting your hair in a ponytail.

6. The “didn’t accidentally hit anyone in the face with my hair today” medal.


When you’ve made it through the day without taking someone’s eye out with your luscious locks.

7. The “actually left the shower walls hair-free this morning” medal.


To celebrate those days when your roommate/S.O./family doesn’t scream thinking your hair stuck to the shower wall is a giant spider.

8. The “made the perfect bun with only 53 bobby pins” medal.


When you want to celebrate a) how awesome your bun looks and b) the fact that it didn’t ~take much~ to get it that way.

9. The “pulled all the stray hairs out of my butt crack after my shower” medal.


Every girl with long hair knows this funny truth.

10. The “survived the 82 hours it took to get my hair done today” medal.


This award is also for your neck, your back, and your butt that’s now totally asleep – pins and needles, pins and needles!

11. And finally, the “expert level fake mustache” medal.


Because, DUH, what else do you do with long hair?!?!

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