This mechanical slip ‘n slide will spin you around *so* fast, it honestly looks terrifying

If you, like us, are trying to get winter to hurry up and end already by drafting your summer bucket list, get ready for something surprising to add to your list. We just learned that this MECHANICAL SLIP ‘N SLIDE is an actual thing that exists. It’s the stuff of our dreams, and our nightmares. We consider ourselves to be fun people, but we honestly don’t think we’re brave enough to give this homemade Australian slip ‘n slide a try, but we are curious AF.

Growing up, most of us had at least one interaction with a slip ‘n slide…even if we were scared! It’s what all the cool kids did, right? For some reason, sliding from a water-covered piece of plastic into mud (there was *always* mud) is way fun. Like, hello, Beyoncé had one at her pool parties. It was one of the top childhood toys of all time! Well, now the cool kids are apparently taking things to an entirely different level with this creative project. We really don’t know how to feel.

Are we supposed to be excited about this, or terrified?

Like, sorry, but this giant contraption is beyond our scope of fun. How did they even come up with this?!


You have to see this in action. This is DIY, but extreme.

On one hand, this is SO FAST. We don’t know if we could handle it! But on the other hand, it would allow us to live out our superhero dreams IRL.

Can you imagine sliding feet first on a gigantic tarp going at a nonsensical speed? It does look pretty cool.


Would you try this mechanical slip ‘n slide out?

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