Everyone wants a meatless In-N-Out burger and there’s a petition to make it happen

When I’m craving a burger, I drive 20 minutes away from home, past all the other burger chains to patiently wait in In-N-Out’s drive-thru line. This usually happens after midnight (don’t judge me) because that’s prime-time for burger consumption and their cheeseburgers are my jam. However, meatless In-N-Out burgers are not. But because the world is a wonderfully diverse place, there exist people who want the fast food chain to add a vegan option to its menu so desperately that they started a Change.org petition to make it so, Uproxx reports.

Apparently, there are a whole lotta people who don’t share my sentiments about this proposed fast food veggie burger. Supporters of the idea decided to put their money where their meatless burger-craving mouths are by adding their names to the petition, which is currently 991 signatures away from 25,000.


Yep, shit just got really real. I suppose In-N-Out should be flattered that a ton of folks still want to patronize their establishment instead of going to a chain that already serves a vegan burger. That said, if the pro-In-N-Out vegan folks do get their way, it’ll be a feat for the record books. As Uproxx points out, the restaurant has yet to change its recipe in the last 48 years.


That’s nearly a half-century of serving satisfactory yumminess on a bun, so it’ll be interesting to see whether the chain yields to growing demand or adopts a “buy as-is” attitude.

Either way, I’m still buying.

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