This meat slicer cutting through salami is strangely relaxing (just trust us)

Oh, internet. What would we do without you? Odds are, we would be lost, confused and probably not strangely preoccupied with this video of a meat slicer cutting through salami. But like many other unusual online discoveries, this meat operation observation soothes something deep inside of us in a way that commonly recommended relaxation techniques just…can’t.

It’s been said that deli meats are better when sliced by hand, but we don’t know if that process would be as intriguing as its automated counterpart. Now, no one’s suggesting that we should put this clip of machinery slicing through processed meat over, say, another relaxing video of men doing yoga in kilts (we know better). But we *are* saying that this salami-slicing sitch is a pretty effective way to ease some tension.

So, kick back, chill and don’t let your co-workers’ judgey eyes deter you from taking in all of this meaty magic, which is executed by none other than the Textor TS 700.

Stare directly into the slicer.

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You should now be craving sandwiches — and sleep.

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*yawns* These neat stacks could make decent pillows.

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If your body isn’t approaching REM yet, let’s see if you can make it through this meat-slicing clip in its entirety:

Still not relaxed? There are a ton more meat-slicing clips to be had on Textor slicer’s YouTube channel. For everyone else, enjoy your meat-inspired chill sesh! Also, don’t be surprised if you end up having some majorly nostalgic dreams about all your favorite lunch box foods from back in the day.