Meanwhile Shia LaBeouf is watching every single one of his movies in one sitting

When Shia LaBeouf gets bored, he doesn’t just hop on Netflix like the average person. No, he decides to turn to “performance art.” Shia is currently binge-watching all of his films in reverse chronological order, because that’s apparently what he does when he’s feeling a little blah.

Now, Shia’s been in a bunch of films, so this is gonna take him a while. Like, we’re talkin’ three days. At this very moment, he’s sitting in the Angelika Film Center in New York City, watching himself act on the big screen. You can totally join him if you’re in the area, but oh, he’s also documenting this whole thing — because obviously, he would — using the hashtag #ALLMYMOVIES, which will be included in his art collective, entitled LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner.

He started this binge-watching venture at noon yesterday, and will be finished at approximately 6:53 pm tomorrow, if all goes according to plan. The repertoire includes 29 movies — yes, including the Even Stevens Movie and Holes, though those will be watched tomorrow.

As we mentioned, you can even join Shia in the theater for free, if you want to. Or you can watch him watch his own movies live, because the world is a weird place. Now, this hasn’t exactly been easy for Shia. Apparently, after watching Transformers 3, he shook his head and left the cinema for an hour. Hey, we’ve all had those moments. Well, kind of. OK, maybe not.

This isn’t the first time Shia’s participated in self-proclaimed “performance art,” as the Washington Post notes. Once, he wore a bag on his head that read “I am not famous anymore.” Another time, he sat silently in a room and let audience members do whatever they wanted with him.

“I think it’s so interesting the way Shia’s reclaiming his career,” Erik Rogers, also a performance artist, told Gothamist while at the theater. “I’ll be interested to see how he’s reacting to his own stuff, because I think he’s going to amp up the performance of like, this is me watching my own film, particularly in Nymphomaniac, where he’s got some kinda questionable scenes.”

If you want to watch Shia being Shia, check out the live stream here, just make sure to do it before 6:53 pm tomorrow.

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