People are sharing their most meaningless “meeting phrases” on Twitter, because office life is a struggle

Work meetings are important — most of the time. They’re the way to get everyone organized regarding a big change or vital project. But whether you have them on a weekly basis or once in a blue moon, you’ve likely noticed many buzzwords and “meeting phrases” get tossed around. Business slang is a real thing, and if you’ve been around it enough, hearing something like “taking something offline” after work may make you shudder.

Adam Hess, a stand-up comedian from London, made the observation on Twitter that there’s one meangingless phrase that can be said at every meeting that everyone in the room will agree with. It doesn’t even matter what the meeting is about. “Took 28 years to realise that no matter what the meeting is about, if you randomly chime in with ‘it’s just about finding that balance’ people will always agree,” he wrote.

Just reading that out loud reminds us of meetings past. It’s haunting, really. false

The observation caused a lot of other people to chime in with other key — yet meaningless — terms that get tossed around the office. Here are some “highlights.”

Someone even made a Bingo board (play it with your work bestie at your next meeting).

Hess didn’t expect his simple tweet to inspire so many others. false

LOL. Hopefully the Twitter thread may give you a few things to quietly laugh about during the agony of your next meeting.

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