Kylie Jenner announced her baby’s name, and we have questions

On February 1st, 2018, Kylie Jenner welcomed a baby girl into the world with rapper Travis Scott. Three days later, on February 4th, Kylie completely overshadowed the Super Bowl when she announced her birth to the world. She didn’t only do so with a heartwarming Instagram post (in which she apologized for keeping us all in the dark) — the 20-year-old also released a YouTube video that documented her pregnancy. And yes, the “To Our Daughter” video made us cry. Now, we continue to cry as Kylie announces her daughter’s name.

Kylie Jenner decided to name her baby girl Stormi.

According to Think Baby Names, Stormi (a variation of Stormy) is a…

" from nature based on the vocabulary word and surname Storm. 'Stormy' can be used to describe temperament."

Honestly, we have questions. We were under the impression that Kylie would give her daughter a butterfly-related name, based on Kylie’s history with Travis Scott. Back in June 2017, Kylie revealed that she got a matching tattoo with Travis on Snapchat. On the back of their ankles, the two now have a delicate butterfly tattoo, perhaps referring to Travis’s song “Butterfly Effect.” In November, Kylie was spotted wearing a pink diamond butterfly ring, causing many to speculate on the gender of her baby. Then, in her pregnancy video “To Our Daughter,” Kylie wore a blue and white diamond butterfly necklace, and even displayed her baby girl’s nursery — which is covered in butterflies.

This leaves us pondering, “Why the name Stormi?”— which Kylie will hopefully answer soon.

In case you haven’t seen Kylie’s butterfly-filled announcement video, we highly recommend you watch it here:

We are sending Kylie, Travis, and their family nothing but love as they continue to watch Stormi grow.

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