Pink, Nick Jonas, and Blink-182 read “Mean Tweets” about themselves, and they’re brutal

Even though the tweets Jimmy Kimmel features in his “Mean Tweets” segment are pretty vile at times, our favorite celebs thankfully seem to get a kick out of them. When you’re in the spotlight, not everyone’s gonna love you, right? And this time around, musicians like Pink, Nick Jonas, and Blink-182 took turns reading what the internet had to say about them.

This is the fourth time Jimmy Kimmel Live has done a musicians round of “Mean Tweets,” and we’re hoping it’s not the last. Musical acts like Meghan Trainor, Alice Cooper, The Lumineers, and Green Day also joined in on the “fun”. And some of them even had a few choice retorts.

Jonas leads the video, reading a tweet that compared him to a ferret. As for Adam Levine, he got compared to something a little more…hurtful.


But one of the best moments was watching Erykah Badu totally clap back at someone who insulted her breasts, saying,”I had three babies!”

And we’ll never listen to Fall Out Boy without thinking about Comic Sans ever again. LOL.

Kimmel credits his wife, Molly McNearney, for making “Mean Tweets” a reality. Back in 2015, he did an interview on SiriusXM’s “The Bill Carter Interview,” in which he revealed that McNearney had the idea after seeing Kimmel and their mutual friend, Kelly Oxford, scroll through mean tweets they’d received.

While we wish we could eradicate internet negativity altogether, at least these celebrities are able to laugh it off. And isn’t that the best revenge?

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