There was a mini “Mean Girls” reunion with Lindsay Lohan and Jonathan Bennett, and all is right

So, Mean Girls Day already passed, but it doesn’t mean that the celebration has to stop. When is Mean Girls Day, you might ask?


(Sorry, had to.)

Lindsay Lohan decided that the holiday would be the perfect excuse to reconnect with on-screen love Aaron Samuels. Or, as he’s known outside of the iconic 2004 film, Jonathan Bennett. Perhaps Lohan and Bennett were too busy to meet up on the actual day, but we’re totally cool with them hanging out in the spirit of the film.

As it seems, the two had a Skype chat. Lohan posted this image on her Instagram account.

And, wow. What a difference 12 years makes. These two lovestruck movie teens are now both adults. (Of course we knew that already, we just didn’t want to come to terms with it.)

Who knows what these two talked about? Regina George, probably.

Lindsay also recently shared this photo, which tells us that the movie is still quite dear to her heart.

Since wrapping up Mean Girls, Bennett has been in a ton of projects. If you’re a fan of MTV’s show Awkward, you probably spotted him on a few episodes playing Ethan. He’s also had parts in a few TV movies and short films. While nothing seems to be of Mean Girls caliber (and hey, that’s hard) he’s still been steadily increasing his resume, which is pretty impressive. As we know, Lohan still makes the news quite often — but as for work, she’s starring in a horror film called The Shadow Within, which is scheduled to come out this year.

It’s nice to know that these two still make some time for each other. Their fellow North Shore High graduates are probably quite proud.

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