It’s October 3rd, so OF COURSE there was a ‘Mean Girls’ reunion

As you’ve probably surmised from the outpouring of Facebook posts, it’s time to celebrate one of the world’s most beloved holidays: October 3rd. Today is the day we remember that time our eternal super-crush Aaron Samuels (Jonathan Bennett) turned around in Ms. Norbury’s math class to ask Cady Heron (also known as Lindsay Lohan) what day it was.

“October 3rd,” is what she said.

So, rejoice, all ye fans of Mean Girls! Today, “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera is our theme song. Today, the limit does not exist. Today, we allow ourselves to believe that butter is a carb, that fetch is going to happen, and that inside each of us, there is a Glen Coco just waiting to burst free. You go, Glen Coco.

As if October 3rd couldn’t get any better, some of the movies’ stars posted amazing photos of Mean Girls reunions they’ve had over the years. Here’s a fun game that I like to play: look through all the photos and pretend I was there. Ready? OK!

Here’s Damian (Daniel Franzese) and Cady, probably skipping class to hang out in the back building.

Here’s Damian and Cady again, hanging out with Kevin Gnapoor (Rajiv Surendra), hopefully planning their performance for next year’s talent show.  

Damian is clearly more popular than any Spring Fling King or Queen. Here he is with Janis Ian (Lizzy Caplan) and World’s Best Mom Runner-Up, Mrs. George (Amy Poehler). If you squint really hard, I’m actually in the way back of this photo.

  “The best people you’ll ever meet.”  

The absolutely fetchest part of all this celebrity October 3rd Instagramming spree is this video that Jonathan Bennett made. He asks what day it is, and you get to be Cady! It’s like you’re really there, pretending to fail a math class!

It’s all so beautiful. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go put on a purple tuxedo and call people out for dressing like Danny Devito. Happy Mean Girls Day, y’all!

(Images via Instagram)

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