Here’s what “Mean Girls” would be like if it were a queer rom-com

Mean Girls is every bit a part of our psyche as vintage Justin Timberlake, the Spice Girls, and Ryan Gosling in the The Notebook. I mean, go ahead and raise your hand if you still find yourself saying “On Wednesdays, we wear pink” on a regular basis. (It’s okay. We know you do.)


We’ve seen this movie so many times that we thought we knew it inside out. But after seeing a new remix of the trailer, we realize that WE KNEW NOTHING.

Some clever genius at Mashable decided to reimagine Mean Girls as a queer rom com and guys, it totally works. Mean Girls: The Forbidden Lesbian Romance is angsty, emotional and full of drama with a capital D. TBH, it looks even better than the original movie. (Gasp! Blasphemy!) No, really. It does.

After watching the remixed trailer, we just have one thing to say:


Set your eyeballs on the trailer below. Then get in, loser. We’re going shopping.

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