So fetch: the ‘Mean Girls’ phone game is officially here!

If you’ve dreamed of being a student at North Shore High, here’s your chance! The Mean Girls: Senior Year game officially launched yesterday, giving you the chance to hang with all your favorite characters.

The game, written by Kirsten Smith (aka, the genius behind 10 Things I Hate About You) and created by Pocket Gems, drops you right into the high school action. And in case the idea of dealing with breakouts and boyfriends isn’t enough pressure, you’ll be competing with none other than Regina George for a spot at a top college. Just a little scary.

But can we also mention how awesome it is that the main objective of the game is college admissions? It’s perfect because your parents can’t even argue with you over the hours you spend playing it. “What are you doing on your phone?” “Just competing to get into a top college, Mom.” Brilliant.

All of our favorites from the film make appearances in the game: Gretchen, Karen, Cady, Damian, and Janis. And yes, you get to interact with the characters as you take on North Shore and college admissions, with crushes and dances thrown in along the way, of course. The game gives you the full Mean Girls experience, minus any bus-related mishaps (we hope — don’t game and walk). 

You can get the game on the Episode app for both iOS and Android. Want to learn more? Check out this trailer, then get ready to put on some pink and hit the cafeteria. Let’s just hope that when you win the game, your phone breaks out a celebratory, “You go, Glen Coco!”

(Image via Mean Girls: Senior Year)

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