When is the ‘Mean Girls’ musical premiering? We now know that and way more details

There are few films quite as influential as Mean Girls. Honestly, it changed our lives in such a big way. We never would’ve expected it to get so deep, but the film definitely shifted how we thought about everything from dating to friendship to popularity. So we were PUMPED to learn about the Mean Girls musical, and so relieved that, according to Vulture, we can expect to see the musical pretty darn soon.

ICYMI, we learned earlier this year that the musical would come out this fall, but we didn’t know much beyond that. Now we know the official date. And we are so, so, so excited right now.

Yep, that’s right. The Mean Girls musical will debut at D.C.’s National Theatre on October 31, although they clearly should’ve scheduled the premiere for another day that month.

If you forgot about that running quote, immediately go watch this movie, like NOW! We’ve got to catch up on our Mean Girls trivia, like, ASAP, or else disappoint our queen Tina Fey.

TBH, we’re not sure how much influence Tina Fey will have on the musical, but it’s clearly going to be heavily pulling from the 2004 classic.

And, no worries! It’s in good hands. The Mean Girls musical will be directed by Casey Nicholaw, a choreographer and the Tony-winning co-director of Book of Mormon.

You can trust us when we say that the people have been waiting for this movie, and we’re right there with ’em.




We just have one question: when will tickets be available?! We’ve got to be first in line, because there’s no way in hell we’re missing this ah-mazing musical.

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