These photos from the “Mean Girls” musical are absolutely making fetch happen

Pop a straw in your Diet Coke and finish your cheese fries: More photos from the Mean Girls musical are here. While the Tina Fey-penned play doesn’t hit NYC until Spring 2018, the official Instagram page just blessed us with a handful of photos from the production. And it’s safe to say that fetch is going to happen.

Thank the Plastic goddesses for these official set photos from the Mean Girls musical.

It’s not our first look at the actresses, or their obvious chemistry, but it is probably the best glimpse so far of the Mean Girls musical stage. Is it perfect? No. It’s better than perfect; it’s so fetch. (We told you fetch is going to happen.)

Seriously, this musical has everything! Karen isn’t paying attention; Gretchen looks insecure; Regina’s being true to her Queen Bee status, and Cady looks terrified-slash-out of place. Is that literally Damien’s polo from the movie? How did they find that?

But wait, there’s more:

This one captures the wholelunch room scene so perfectly. Their expressions. Cady’s outfit. Gretchen’s hair! So fetch. (Again, not kidding about fetch.)

And this one has pink smoke and dramatic posing — exactly what we’d expect and hope for in a Mean Girls musical.

The Mean Girls musical is open for a limited time in Washington, D.C., but makes the jump to Broadway next year.

Previews begin March 12th, and it’s safe to say we’re in line for tickets already. And yes, you can sit with us. Pink polo recommended, but not required.

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