Ten years later, here’s what Aaron Samuels from ‘Mean Girls’ is up to

Jonathan Bennett has not played his Mean Girls character, Aaron Samuels is well over a decade, but as his Instagram bio says, he still knows that his hair looks sexy pushed back. What a relief! Since making his heartthrob debut in 2004, Jonathan has competed in Dancing with the Stars, apparently started teaching cycling classes at Flywheel, and now hosts Cake Wars on the Food Network. Sounds like a sweet life.

Mr. Bennett recently did a very revealing interview with GQ. In honor of the Cake Wars: Christmas special, which aired last night, Jonathan was asked questions that were almost exclusively about cake: birthday cake, cupcakes, Cake starring Jennifer Aniston – you get the picture. His answers were not in the least half-baked (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

Here are some of the best tidbits that Jonathan shared in the article:

Apparently, he doesn’t bake! Despite hosting a TV show about cakes, Jonathan considers himself a grilling guy. “Grilling is my thing, my jam,” he said. “You really can’t screw up grilling.” He also admitted that he regularly sets off the fire alarm in his apartment, which I can definitely relate to.

If you ever have the opportunity to bake Jonathan a cake, he prefers “old-fashioned” vanilla cake with vanilla icing. Same goes for cupcakes, which he likes to dip in almond milk. When he was a kid (and let’s be honest, probably as an adult, too), he liked Batman on his cakes, and his most favorite piece is a corner piece. Don’t you feel like you know him now? Jonathan, my favorite piece is a middle piece, so I think we would really get along.

When it comes to baked goods, the only similarity that Jonathan and his Mean Girls persona have in common is that they would both ask their moms for help with baking. “[Aaron’s] mom would bake the cake because he’s a momma’s boy,” Jonathan shared. “He would intend to bake the cake, but not end up doing it and going to his mom last minute and say “I need you to bake me a cake by tomorrow.” That’s exactly what I did in high school all the time.”

Oh boy. Check out the full interview here to see how Jonathan feels about cream cheese icing and the band Cake.

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