Me-Ality: Helping Women Find Jeans That Fit

How many of you hate shopping for jeans? For me, it’s right up there with getting a root canal or being stuck on the 405 freeway when I have to pee really, really badly.

It’s depressing when I spend a good portion of my day trying on jeans in every style, brand and price range only to find that none of them fit right. After many wasted hours, I go home empty-handed, exhausted and convinced that my body is such a weird shape that not even the clothing manufacturers can help me.

Then I discovered this wonderful technology called Measured Reality. Me-Ality is a sci-fi body measuring station that truly is the Holy Grail for Jeans. This ultra modern gizmo takes all the torture out of trying on ill-fitting jeans by taking your exact body measurements and then providing you with a list of the best-fitting jeans for your personal body shape. How awesome is that?


Me-Ality works by using millimeter wave technology. That’s geek-speak for radio waves. It scans your body and creates over 200,000 points of reference, basically building a virtual you to compare thousands of sizes to find the right fit.

I couldn’t wait to try it out so I practically ran to the nearest Me-Ality location. Lucky for me it was at Bloomingdale’s in Santa Monica.

I entered this giant glass tube that looked like a time capsule and stood still with my arms at my sides. A large rotating wand attached to the top of the tube spun around me sending out radio waves. These radio waves bounced off the moisture on my skin underneath my clothes. That’s right, I was fully clothed. And in 60 seconds it was done.

The process was similar to walking through the security check at the airport. Only this glass tube was much more spacious and I could keep my shoes on. And I didn’t have that uncomfortable feeling that the guards were ogling my x-ray form wearing nothing but my bra and panties.

I was told by the Me-Ality rep that the radio waves were very low powered and completely safe. She also told me that the results would be accurate within one centimeter, which is remarkable considering you don’t have to remove your clothes.

After this quick size-matching session, the machine printed out a list of best fitting clothing specifically for my body. I got a custom Shopping Guide listing 20 pairs of jeans, including pics. I was in heaven. All I had to do was decide what style and brand I wanted from this list.

The representative then offered to pull some jeans off the racks for me so I could try them on. She came back with ten pairs. And this is where I got nervous. Never in my life of shopping have I found jeans that truly fit on the first try. But off I went into the dressing room… And you know what?


Are you kidding me? I walked out of that dressing room with ten pairs of jeans in varying sizes and brands and they all fit perfectly: boot cut, skinny, cigarette cut, legging and straight leg. They all fit like they were specifically made just for me. Well, some needed to be hemmed but that’s not a really big deal since many jeans come longer so women can account for heel height. And standing a mere 5’4” I’m not exactly statuesque to begin with. So hemming pants has been a consistent part of my life and I’m okay with that.

Now that I was registered with the Me-Ality website, all of my results were saved for me. I could shop on their site for jeans, pants, sweaters, shirts, tops, dresses and intimates using my super accurate measurements.


Of course I was skeptical. I didn’t just jump into that futuristic radio wave tube. Jean shopping is one of the worst shopping experiences of my life. If this self-esteem crushing activity, which afflicts probably 99.7% of the female population, can be resolved with Me-Ality then surely vacationing on the moon and jet packs can’t be too far behind. I mean it. This technology is that good!


The size-matching stations are currently in select Bloomingdale’s locations only. They have a huge jeans inventory, so once you get your personal list of jeans, they pretty much guarantee they’ll have that brand and size in stock.

By the way, this service is complimentary. That’s right. Free. It’ll only cost you the price of gas to drive to the store. Me-Ality has partnered with retailers who wish to provide customers with the best fitting products. Obviously they know that if something fits great, we’re going to buy it. So it’s a win-win for everyone.


Once you set up your personal profile on Me-Ality’s website, you can improve your shopping experience even more. Right now they have over 150 clothing brands and retailers. So if you need to find that perfect dress for a special occasion, your personal profile and Me-Ality’s inventory can help you find one.

What a huge plus for online shopping. Usually I have to buy an item in at least two sizes to find a proper fit. And they both wind up not looking good at all. Now I know exactly what size to order from each brand without the hassle of mailing back returns. What will I do with all my free time?


There two things that might be a bit of a concern. First one is location. There are a few machines in or around LA, NYC and Washington, D.C. only. So, for now, if you want to try this out you may have to plan a fun road trip. Honestly, it’s so worth it. With more than 1 million men and women already using this revolutionary service, Me-Ality is definitely planning to expand across the country. So if you can’t travel, hopefully you won’t have to wait too long.

The other concern is their website needs work. For instance, not all products are available for direct purchase through their site. Once you find something you want to buy, most likely you have to go to that brand’s specific site. They’ve only been up and running for about a year, so they’re still working out the kinks and adding more brands.


The beauty of this awesome technology is how Me-Ality has taken all the stress out of clothes shopping for me. And for that I can’t be more grateful. Thank you, Me-Ality!

Check it out and let me know what you think. Spread the word. Seriously, this is way too cool to keep to ourselves.

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