We have some McRib news that may be hard to hear

We hate to be the bearer of bad McRib news, but someone’s gotta do it. Don’t completely panic though, the news isn’t all the way bad. The McRib is back on the McDonald’s menu (McYaaaay), but this year, only around 8,000 of the roughly 14,000 restaurants will be serving the cult-classic sandwich (McNoooo).

CNBC reports that McDonald’s gave franchisees the option to decide whether they want to carry the McRib or not, and only a little over half of them said yes (McWhyyyy). McRib fans must have known how devastating this news would be, so they were one step ahead. Some McRib genius rolled out the McRib locator, which gives fans the opportunity to find locations in their area that carry the McRib (McHooraaaay! Sorry. Last one).

Naturally, people have been tweeting both their delight (that the McRib is back) and their concerns (that it’s only kind of back):

Even though finding the McRib may take a little more effort, we are confident that fans will find it. If you McRib it, they will come.

(Featured image via McDonalds)


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