The McRib is back at McDonald’s again, and here’s how you can find one

After all these years, we still have no idea what is up with the one-food vanishing act that is the McDonald’s McRib, but it’s back and *sings* we know where you can find one! Eater reports that like last year, this exciting McRib news has an upside and a downside.

Obviously, the bright side is that the McRib has once again blessed us with its presence, and with the help of a free McRib locator app (free on iTunes for iOS users), it can be yours for a reasonably small price. However, McRibs are only available in select locations and for a limited time.

Well, that’s a hard, McRib-like pill to swallow. As Brand Eating notes, the McRib app allows you to send directions to your friends to help them find the closest participating location, but when it comes to the last available McRib and your friendship, we advise you to make the wise choice.

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Seriously people, McRibs are obviously popular, but whatever you do, don’t let a sandwich come between you and your bestie.