Kate McKinnon and Louis CK could not stop cracking up during this “Saturday Night Live” sketch

We dare you not to laugh out loud at this Saturday Night Live sketch. And we think you will lose this bet, because even two of the most talented comedians out there couldn’t stop laughing. Host Louis CK stars in this sketch with our dream girlfriend,Kate McKinnon, and they are so busy cracking each other up they can barely get through it.

When a school group visits a “tenement museum” on a field trip, the students watch as the Lindowskis (played by McKinnon and CK) reenact a day in the life of Polish immigrants. Things go wrong pretty fast, as the couple’s conversation devolves into offensive speech targeting Italians.

Believe me, it was a LOT funnier than it sounds.

Everyone in the scene, including Vanessa Bayer, Cecily Strong, and Kenan Thompson, had a hard time keeping a straight face.

Watch the clip and just see if you can get through it without breaking up.


It looks like Louis CK and Kate McKinnon couldn’t handle each other’s silly accents. Almost every time CK had to affect his, he broke down laughing. This, in turn, made everyone else laugh, including the audience. As the insults got more and more inappropriate, the laughter builds and everyone just devolved in a fit of laughter.

Although the sketch might not have been the most successful, the comedic chemistry made it all worth it.

The A.V Club praises CK's performance, saying, "he was thrown by McKinnon’s intermittent breaking. CK conveyed a reassuring and endearing sense that he knows a potentially busted sketch isn’t the end of the world."

The sketch is definitely controversial, but does make a point about racism existing long before the modern era. But as usual, SNL stays on top of the controversial ideas by calling attention to the awfulness of racism in any era, even if they’re “historically accurate.”

But it’s hard to focus on the issues in the sketch when we can’t stop laughing at the whole cast losing it.

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