People are truly loving this vegan burger from McDonald’s

Vegans were cautiously excited when a McDonald’s vegan burger was introduced in Sweden and Finland late last year. Mainly, people wanted to know: would it be McGood?

And after almost six months on the menu, all signs point to YES.

Described by writer Sidsel Overgaard as “firm, weighty, a tiny bit smoky with a strange — but not unpleasant — note of instant ramen, the patty comes topped with a generous dose of McFeast sauce (a vegan ‘special sauce’), lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles,” the McVegan burger sounds pretty similar to McDonald’s standard burger fare.

Other customers were pleased with the plant-based McDonald’s vegan burger, calling it “good” and “very tolerable,” which, although not super complimentary, is better than the alternative. One meat lover even said of the soy-based patty, “It was like meat. It was a good experience — I really like it,” adding that he’ll probably order it again.

This is good news for vegans and vegetarians who’ve been waiting for a plant-based alternative from the fast-food franchise that’s not just salad and fries.

Sweden and Finland were initially chosen by McDonald’s as prime test grounds for the McVegan because both have high numbers of vegans and vegetarians (almost 1 in 10 Swedes is now vegetarian or vegan), and also because diners from those countries are more likely to be “flexitarian,” meaning meat-loving customers there would be more likely to buy a McDonald’s vegan burger than carnivores in other countries.

Although McDonald’s isn’t saying whether or not we can expect to sink our teeth into a McVegan stateside any time soon, considering the positive response the McVegan has received so far, not to mention the general growing interest in plant-based diets, we’re crossing our fingers that we can find it on our menus sometime in the near future.

It just makes McSense.

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