McDonald’s two new summer menu items will surprise you

Summer has officially arrived, and that means McDonald’s summer menu has also officially begun. So if you’re into Mickey D’s and delicious treats, you’re going to be pretty happy with the temporary menu additions.

For starters, and perhaps most importantly, McDonald’s will be serving a new ice cream soda. But it’s not made with the predictable (but delicious) root beer — it’s made with Dr. Pepper and soft serve vanilla ice cream. The new menu items costs $2 for a medium.

The combination is a unique idea, and definitely something we’re into trying. But they aren’t entirely new. A McDonald’s in Oregon served the Dr. Pepper Floats last summer — along with root beer, Coke, Orange Hi-C, and Sprite floats, according to Brand Eating.


They’re available this summer at select locations in Seattle and New York, but if you don’t live in either of those places, you could always DIY it by ordering a cup of soft serve ice cream with your soda of choice poured on top. It’s more work, but it’ll taste the same. Promise.

Next up is the New England-style lobster roll, which debuted last summer (technically it’s been around for AWHILE, but it’s always been regional and offered for a very limited limited amount of time), and is back due to popular demand. Made with North Atlantic lobster, tossed with mayonnaise and layered with lettuce in a toasted roll, the sandwich is going for $8.99, which is a dollar more than last year’s sandwich.

We’re not entirely sure how the fast food chain can get away with selling lobster rolls for such a low price, considering the average lobster roll runs at least $16 at other restaurants — but hey, we’ll take it. Now through mid-August, the sandwich is only available at 600 locations throughout Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York. As unfortunate as that is for everyone else, the locations make sense, all things considered.

If you’re wondering if the lobster is actual legit lobster, we wondered the same thing. But the answer is yes.

“The lobster we supply to McDonald’s is a hand-picked, artisan quality product, caught by seasoned veterans of the industry,” said Stephen Felsenthal from the Mazzetta Company, one of McDonald’s regional lobster suppliers. “This is the same quality lobster served at white tablecloth restaurants on the East Coast.”


“It’s exciting to see a high demand for regional flavors at McDonald’s,” Michael Haracz, manager of culinary innovation at McDonald’s USA said in a press release. “Our Lobster Roll is made with quality ingredients, freshly prepared in our kitchens and exactly what our customers enjoy from McDonald’s. This sandwich is the perfect blend of ingredients to give you a great-tasting summer sandwich from McDonald’s.”

Happy summer eating, everyone.

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