McDonald’s just introduced truffle fries (but only in Singapore)

Looking for a reason to pack your bags and hop on a plane to Asia? Out of the thousands of reasons you should, here’s one: McDonald’s in Singapore are now serving up hot, fresh truffle.

Yes, truffle fries. That food you cat eat by the handful, even if you’ve still got an entree coming for your main meal. Lately, these specialty French fries have come out in full force, and just thinking about them makes me want an entire plate of them right now. While I should be able to get my hands on some of them later today, I won’t be able to find them at McDonald’s. That’s reserved for only Singapore.

These fries rolled out as part of McDonald’s festival menu, which includes other such things like two new burgers and a red velvet Oreo McFurry. Yum to those, but these fries, you guys.

They’re kinda like a DIY-truffle fry thing, since they don’t actually come as truffle fries. Instead, you get your order of fries and a packet of truffle seasoning. Using the brown bag from your meal, pour the fries in, shake them all up, and momentarily you’ll be feasting on some delicious fry goodness.

According to Yahoo Singapore, reporting right from the scene of these fries, their taste is “too salty and more ‘herby’ than ‘truffle-y.’” Good to know, but we’ll be the final judge of that.

These fries are only available for a limited time, so I’ll meet you all at the airport in a bit. Our truffle fries adventure awaits.

(Image via Facebook.)