McDonald’s is serving taco sundaes for breakfast and you’re totally going to want one

So, what do y’all think about having sundaes for breakfast? It honestly sounds like a stomachache just waiting to happen, but since McDonald’s is serving taco sundaes for breakfast, we’re going to let you determine whether this is a legit way to make your breakfast better or if it’s a clear sign that your sweet tooth has officially taken over your life.

According to Delish, taco sundaes, formally known as “Sundae Pockets,” consist of folded pita bread filled with vanilla soft serve with hot fudge and hazelnut toppings. TBQH, that sounds like one big ol’ mouthful of YUM that we’d probably be down to sample, early morning sugar rush notwithstanding.


McDonald’s made the sugary treats available during the summer, but sadly, they’re only being offered in Italy. This is going to be pure torture, but here’s the Sundae Pocket, lookin’ tasty as hell:

Look how the sun glistens off that fudge:

This could be us, but you’re playin’, McDonald’s’:

Ugh. This just hit us right in the foodie feels. BRB, off to drown our sorrows in an ordinary fudge sundae.