McDonald’s is testing out a new menu item. We’re excited.

For those of you who are on that McDonald’s tip, it’s a known fact that their fries are the crowning jewel of the menu. Sometimes you crave them and their perfect, crunchy, saltiness —and that’s OK, because they’re mega delicious. Well, fry connoisseurs, we’ve got some good news: they’re testing a new type of fry.

The Huffington Post reports that the sweet potato fry is in the testing phase around Amarillo, TX. This tweet went out featuring a photo of their sweet potato goodness that has us drooling.

That account represents 29 Mickey D’s in the Panhandle. That’s a whole slew of lucky people who are having sweet potato fries right now who aren’t us. What we wouldn’t give to get our fingers greasy with that sweet, sweet box of fries!

This new (possible) addition seems to be a part of McDonald’s initiative to bring on more healthy, more ethical food to their menu. Last month, they announced they would soon (OK, in two years) start using cage-free eggs. Trying out sweet potato fries could also be another way McDonald’s is trying to spruce up and refresh their menu — the fast food company saw a 10 percent drop in quarterly sales back in July, according to CNN, and they’re only just now seeing a slight increase in sales (by .09 percent, Business Insider reports).

At any rate, no word yet on if this test is going wide or how to get them to try it in your hometown. McDonald’s did tell HuffPo they want to know what you think of sweet potato fries, though, so if you’re into this trend go leave them some feedback. Then tuck a sweet potato under your pillow and hope you wake up to a box of fries tomorrow morning. Sweet, sweet dreams!

(Image via Shutterstock)