McDonalds will have Super Mario toys in their Happy Meals…if you’re willing to travel for it

Two things from our childhoods are merging in the most epic way: McDonalds Happy Meals and Super Mario.

But most unfortunately, this new mega Mario Meal will only be available in the U.K. Ummm… jumping on Orbitz now.

From January 11th through February 7th, British kids-of-all-ages will get a plastic Super Mario Bros. character figurine with their Happy Meal. And that’s not all! The boxes will feature printed games, plus there’ll be activity cards inside. No crochet quilt, tho, unfortch.

Over the four weeks, customers will be able to collect Yoshi, Mario, Red Shell, Peach, Super Star and Blocks, Bowser, Luigi, and Piranha Plan toys.

Fans online are already going bonkers for each one, and fondly remembering earlier releases.

Fire Power Mario!

We’re holding out for Yoshi, ourselves. Will he come back this time??


This is the third time Nintendo has paired with McDonald’s for a Super Mario Happy Meal. The timing is perfect, as Nintendo plans to launch the convertible Switch console in March, with a rumored Mario title.

But the McDonald’s pairing has yet to make it to the states.

Until it does, we’ll just have to be satisfied with watching unboxing videos on YouTube.

Or, book a last-minute flight to the UK?