Umm, McDonald’s is serving spicy nacho cheese wedges and we *really* want a bite

Lately, the fast food industry has kept us on our toes with a barrage of unusual menu changes that either have us heading for the drive-thru at breakneck speed or backing away slowly in befuddled horror. But when it comes to these McDonald’s spicy nacho cheese bites we spotted at Delish, we’ll give you a moment to react because TBQH, we’re not sure what to make of it. Like, is McDonald’s a burger joint or nah?

Actually, when we stumbled upon Mickey D’s sundae breakfast tacos,we were low-key diggin’ those, and since we’re all about progression, why hate on McDonald’s for trying to break down those bunned barriers? That said, let’s have a look-see at these new spicy nacho cheese wedges so we can exactly what we’re working with here.


OK. So, the only intelligible thought our brains can produce right now is “YUMMM.”

And here’s a peek at the cheesy inside:

Also, a look at the first clear thought that has formed in our minds since laying eyes upon these wedges:


Unless you’re in the UK, you’ll be forced to continue salivating from a distance because that’s where the nacho cheese wedges are available at the moment. The McDonald’s UK website describes the cheese-filled treats as “Four Cheese Wedges filled with spicy Jalapeno slices, served with sour cream & chive dip,” and DAMMIT, that sounds so good!

OK, McDonald’s. If we take back what we said about you abandoning your burger roots, will you pretty please add these spicy nacho cheese bites to our menu?