McDonald’s is releasing fitness trackers with Happy Meals now, which is kinda awesome

While Happy Meal toys are always a fun surprise, McDonald’s has decided to temporarily replace them with something that’ll truly help make a difference — thanks to the Olympics, they’ve been inspired to promote physical activity, and will be packing their Happy Meals with a “STEP-it” fitness tracker.

Kids can pick up one of six colorful trackers that they can wear around their wrist, and it’ll help them get interested in staying active.

The trackers are set to blink slowly if activity is low, or quickly if activity is high. Also, kids can compare numbers with each other when they’re playing outside.

McDonald’s plans to promote these trackers pretty heavily, and they’ll have them available in Happy Meals for four weeks. And, let’s be honest, they’re one of the first “toys” that McDonald’s has offered that’s truly inspiring. And, hey, the fact that they come in so many colors gives them that cool, collectible factor. In fact, something tells me that adults might try ordering a Happy Meal or two in order to snag one for themselves.

McDonald’s has been making a bunch of healthy changes recently (like, offering fruit instead of fries) so it’s apparent that they’re concerned about making sure their fans can enjoy a quick meal that won’t totally destroy their chances at living their best life. Of course, it’s still fast food — but making an effort is definitely much better than avoiding the problem all together.

This is definitely a step in the right direction!

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