McDonald’s re-released this McFlurry — but there’s a catch

Calling all McFlurry connoisseurs! McDonald’s just released a limited-edition McFlurry and it’s an international sensation! The concoction has been on McMenus in the past, and won fans over with its chocolatey mix of soft serve ice cream, cookie crumbles, chocolate-coated cookie pieces, and a chocolate fudge sauce.

“Tell us the name,” you cry! “We need to get our hands on it, ASAP!” Well, with this dose of good news comes a kernel of bad for those of us in the U.S.

This delectable limited-edition McFlurry goes by the name of Mississippi Mud Pie, but unfortunately, you can’t get it in Mississippi — or any part of America.

Are these … tears?

As of right now, the Mississippi Mud Pie McFlurry re-release is only available in the U.K. Yes, the irony of this whole thing is pretty incredible.

But perhaps, if we’re patient, McDonald’s will allow the Mississippi Mud Pie to come home.

It doesn’t help that U.K. Mud Pie-lovers are flooding our Twitter feeds with nothing but excellent McFlurry reviews. Don’t rub it in our face, guys. It stings enough as it is.


The Mississippi Mud Pie McFlurry is part of McDonald’s Great Tastes of America annual event menu. According to The Sun, the event is in its 11th year. Alongside the Mississippi Mud Pie McFlurry, McDonald’s also offers the Mississippi Caramel Pie McFlurry.

We’d love one of each, please.

Well, it looks like we’ll just have to take an impromptu hop over to the U.K. to pick up one of these limited-edition treats. We will have a Mississippi Mud Pie McFlurry, if it’s the last thing we do!

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