McDonald’s is changing the Quarter Pounder in a major way

There’s a good chance that you’ve experienced the joy of a Big Mac at least once in your life. So you may be interested to know that McDonald’s is bringing fresh beef to their locations, starting with the Big Mac. While they’re starting out the process with their Quarter Pounder patty, there’s likely a chance that other burgers will eventually be included.

This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise; the popular chain has been working hard to make their menu items healthier and more appealing to the modern consumer. They changed up the way they made chicken nuggets by removing the artificial preservatives back in 2016, and Happy Meals now include healthier options that weren’t available back when a majority of us were kids (and they’re even phasing out the cheeseburger from Happy Meals, which is huge).

Fresh beef is a welcomed change, but it took the company a long time (and a lot of money) to make it a reality. CNBC reports that it took around $60 million to update their supply chain for the transition. They also updated many of their kitchens to safeguard against an increased chance of food-borne illnesses, which had some franchisees worried.

And after testing the fresh beef burger in a few locations, 90% of those surveyed said that not only did they love the taste, but they’d go back to buy it again.

So even though it’s a costly change, we have a feeling it will stick.

McDonald’s will reportedly be offering up a new option using the Quarter Pounder patty as well — called the Garlic White Cheddar burger, which will help introduce the changeover.

CNN reports that the fresh beef Quarter Pounder will be available in every location in the United States, aside from Hawaii and Alaska. The rollout is happening now, but the project is estimated to be completed by May of this year.

We applaud McDonald’s for attempting to make a positive change, and can’t wait to see what their fresh beef Quarter Pounders are all about.

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