McDonald’s is now selling pumpkin chocolate fries because FALL

Here comes fall. Read: Here comes the season for the best food combinations you’ll ever get your hands on. If you don’t know what we mean, brace yourselves for something out-of-this-world fall fantastic. McDonald’s in Japan, who are known to release some pretty outlandish menu items, has added an autumn item to their menu that may be the most perfect salty-sweet pairing that ever graced the face of this earth:

Pumpkin chocolate fries.

Yes, that’s right. Are you okay? Are you still with us? Try to keep it together, because you may have to gather your senses and get your ass to Tokyo.

This is how it goes. You get a serving of traditional McDonald’s fries (which, let’s face it, sounds pretty good in and of itself right now). On top of those fries is a pumpkin sauce and a chocolate sauce. Because, well, it’s fall, people. false

Nobody really knows what this tastes like yet firsthand, but we have a feeling that we won’t hate it. From September 28th to October 31st, this delectable treat will be made available. Some people are shattered that these pumpkin chocolate fries are only available in Japan, though, and rightfully so. false

Anyone keen to move to Japan with us?

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