These McDonalds ordering hacks will change all our lives for the better

Given the amount of practice we’ve had ordering meals at McDonalds over the years, you’d think there wouldn’t be anything we don’t know. But actually…we know a whole lot of nothing. But help is on the way.

In a Quora thread, employees revealed their favorite McDonalds hacks to improve our lives and ensure we’re getting the most out of our fast food experience.

High school student Mackenzie Shelton mentioned awesome tips for ordering the best possible breakfast, like, “try a round egg on your sandwich. It’s the best egg we have (and definitely real!) I’d recommend it on the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit/bagel.” That sounds easy enough! And yummy.

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She also suggested asking for well-done bacon because it tastes better and ordering unsweetened iced tea when dining in, since it has no tax. OH, and we love this one: Ordering fries WITHOUT the salt. Come again? “This ensures that we have to make a new batch, just for you. You could also request a fresh batch and you’re likely to have good luck there, too.” That actually makes perfect sense.

via giphyWait, there’s more! And this one is truly golden, because it describes a situation we’re always in.

"Running on a budget, but craving a Big Mac? Ask for a McDouble (or two on the 2 for $2 menu) dressed like a Big Mac — hold the ketchup and mustard, add lettuce and Mac sauce. You'll save a few bucks and I've heard they taste great too." Oh, SNAP. Totally doing that.

via giphyOooookay all this talk of fries and burgers is making us feel super hungry right now. Gonna go test out a few of these hacks. Thanks for the wisdom — see you on the flip side!