We are very confused by this McDonald’s menu change

Be honest: who among us has not visited their local McDonald’s and ordered from the Dollar Menu? Those small fries are delicious. So it’s with a heavy heart that we report that McDonalds is changing things up and turning their Dollar Menu into a Two Dollar Menu. Bummer times.

While the menu will still list $1 items, customers will be required to purchase at least two items from the menu. During this tumultuous time, the menu will be shaken up a bit, too. Food items that will initially be available on the revamped menu will include new mozzarella sticks, the McDouble, the McChicken and small fries. At least some of our favorite items remain!

We know, we know– two dollars for two items doesn’t sound that bad. But when you think about how this is a 50% price increase, it’s more of a drag. And sometimes we don’t want two items, we just want one.

And, as it turns out, the internet is just as perplexed as we are, for a variety of reasons:

Though we are confused by this change, it seems to be part of McDonald’s attempt to turnaround their decreasing sales. VP of Customer Experience Erik Hess believes this change is the step to take in the right direction, adding “another brick in the wall of our turnaround” (in regards to their recent year-long slump). While we understand that McDonalds is trying to stay relevant in the rapidly changing world of fast food, we wish they’d change something other than our beloved Dollar Menu!

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