This video finally shows what’s like inside the McDonald’s of the FUTURE

McDonald’s has been looking to rebrand itself for quite a long time. The chain, which has been around for over seventy years and is still booming. Well, we think this “McDonald’s of the Future” can only help the chain stay relevant:

As reported by The Miami Herald, Chris Habiger has owned his St. Joseph, Missouri McDonald’s franchise for 11 years. But for 10 of those years, he has dreamed of renovating his location. And he finally did just that.

Only he didn’t just renovate:

What? A super secret, super special McDonald’s? Tell us more! Here are some of the ways this McDonald’s really is “of the future” –

Kiosk ordering


You can place your very specific order at this interactive kiosk. Customizable burgers and sandwiches now have offerings such as guacamole and maple bacon to “make your burger special.” As of right now, ordering at the kiosk means you receive endless fries.

Endless fries? Yes please!

A dessert bar

You read that right. Customers don’t just order their dessert from an employee. No, this McDonald’s boasts a dessert bar with waffle cones and waffle bowls with a variety of toppings.

Table service


That’s right, this McDonald’s is like a full-blown restaurant, complete with table service and even interactive tables:


There are also comfy armchairs and couches for hanging out.

Kids’ play area


The interactive play area has a three-story play place and digital and projection games! Can adults play there, too? Pretty please?