Wait, what?! McDonald’s now serves waffle fries and we honestly cannot deal

We can’t think of much else to say about the fact that McDonald’s now serves waffle fries except ZOMG, NOM NOM NOM, followed by excessive drooling that interferes with our ability to speak anything other than acronym-riddled gibberish. Actually, here’s something: What took so damn long? Like, Mickey D’s came up with crazy creations like pumpkin chocolate fries for the fall, but made us wait to dine on waffle fries? What’s up with that?

So, according to Delish, the wait isn’t exactly over for most of us because these waffle fries are only available in Canada for now. And as if this wasn’t painful enough to accept for anyone not located in Canada (or driving there at breakneck speed as we speak), there’s even a photo of the new fries on Twitter to rub our faces in what we’re missing out on:

And UGH, the Canadian locations will also add a hash brown and bacon-topped burger to their menus. You know…this is just a lot to take in at the moment. It might be way too early for an emotional eating sesh, but we’ll probably feel a lot better after downing a large order of McDonald’s fries.

On second thought, make that extra large. But if and when McDonald’s decides to expand this idea in our direction, we’d like to suggest a McDonald’s fries-only restaurant where waffle fries are served all day and night, please and thanks in advance.