The latest McDonald’s menu addition we did not see coming

Lately, there’s been a push for food chains across the nation, both fast and sit-down, to revamp their offerings and make them healthier for all of us. This has included removing artificial ingredients and releasing ingredient information to us, the consumers. We want to eat healthier, so it’s awesome to see so many chains helping us do that.

And then there’s McDonalds which continues to dance to the beat of its own fast food drum. They’re adding a new item to their menu, and, well, you can be the judge. Behold, the McLobster.

The McLobster  will be “100 percent North Atlantic lobster and mayonnaise, layered on a bed lettuce, all piled into a home-style toasted roll.” It’s basically just a lobster roll. Down on Massachusetts’ Cape Cod (or, The Cape), lobster rolls can go for upwards of $15, $20, sometimes even more. McDonald’s has got a hefty price for it’s offering, too, though still reasonable: $7.99.

While you might be perplexed by this new offering, McDonald’s is pretty darn excited. The meal was actually first tried out in 1993, and failed. But now it’s back, to hopefully live a better second life!  “The return of the Lobster Roll is exciting because we have requests for it every summer,” Nicole Garvey, a McDonald’s Boston region spokesperson explained in a statement to press. “It’s a delicious sandwich and we are thrilled to offer this regional favorite at a great value.”

There’s one catch to the McLobster, and it’s that it’ll only be available in New England. That’s a good thing. I was born and raised in New England, and if I’ve learned one thing about seafood, it’s that you want to eat it like 15 minutes after its come out of the ocean. The McLobster would probably not hold up so well by the time it got to, say, Kansas.

The McLobster is already available in select McDonalds, and it’s being billed as a limited time offering for the summer. Please let us know how it stacks up, you brave fast-food adventurers, you.

(Images via McDonald’s and Disney)

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