McDonald’s just introduced these epic desserts. Swoon!

Tired of the same old menu at Mickey D’s? Good, because the fast food chain just introduced new and scrumptious looking treats that we can’t wait to try!

McDonald’s SoCal tweeted out a pic of a new dessert with a teaser that has our mouths watering. They’re serving FRIED blueberry pie (apple and cherry are also available). The pies are available for a limited time only — through the end of this year, and in limited locations while they test it — so if it’s in your area, make sure to grab one!

McDonald’s actually discontinued fried pies awhile back, after serving them for years, and switched to baked pies back in 1992, reports the Daily Bulletin.

The chain will also be testing bundt cakes and petite pastries, if you’re not a fried fan. The bundts are available in cinnamon coffee and double chocolate, which sounds heavenly. The pastries come in cinnamon cream cheese and raspberry and will pair nicely with a McCoffee.

Perhaps these offerings are meant to replace the small options on the restaurant’s soon-to-be-defunct $1 menu. We’re into this dessert diversification, especially when there are blueberries or cinnamon involved!

(Image via Shutterstock, Twitter)