McDonald’s is ripping off Elaine Benes and selling muffin tops for breakfast

We’re hoping McDonald’s is giving Elaine Benes at least 30% of its profit from this new endeavor. In an effort to entice straying breakfast fans back to the chain, McDonald’s is putting muffin tops on the menu. Coining their new bakery item “muffin toppers,” someone on the McDonald’s marketing team must be a Seinfeld fan — remember the 1997 episode where Elaine goes into the muffin top business with Mr. Lipman? We see you, McDonald’s. We see you.

According to, McDonald’s has seen a decline in breakfast customers since introducing “all-day breakfast” in 2015. To win back the early-risers, the company recently tested its muffin top idea — selling individual 160-calorie blueberry muffin tops (without the stumps) — at several Baltimore McDonald’s locations.

Twitter users seem to be pretty enthusiastic about the new breakfast option:


Of course, plenty of “McDonald’s has been giving people muffin tops for years” jokes were made. Because fatty foods + expanding waistlines. Har har.

The fast food chain is also introducing a new breakfast catering service called “The Weekend Warrior,” which is currently being tested in Florida. Each “Weekend Warrior” package serves six and contains three Egg McMuffins, three hotcake-and-sausage platters, and six hashbrowns. McDonald’s also recently began serving $2 cold brew coffees for a limited time on June 13th.

Like Elaine, we adore a crispy, “explosive” muffin top in the morning. But we’re dying to know — what is McDonald’s planning to do with all the stumps?

Serving muffin toppers and other breakfast delights is part of McDonald’s overall “Experience of the Future” campaign, according to Since 2017, many McDonald’s locations have been renovated and staff uniforms have been upgraded to make the overall appearance of the chain look fresh and new.

We’re looking forward to trying out all three flavors of McDonald’s muffin toppers. But we sure hope McDonald’s has a friend with a whole fleet of buses ready to take all those stumps to the dump.

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